Val Dodds made worldwide news and landed the cover of Hustler after receiving the longest jail sentence in US history for an “indecent exposure” charge. This harsh punishment was in response to nude photos Val took on the football field of her former Catholic high school while wearing nothing but a rosary.

Val was born on Valentine’s Day, 1994, in the heart of America: Lincoln, Nebraska. The All-American girl grew up in a typical Midwest household filled with seven sisters, two brothers, and enough pets to start a farm. The story of her teenage years reads like the lyrics to a country song, complete with catholic school, cheerleading, and drinking in cornfields.

Her conservative surroundings suppressed many of Val’s early sexual curiosities. At sixteen she experimented with drinking and kissing girls, but her bisexual urges never exceeded these innocent exchanges. When she lost her virginity that same year, the experience was equally subdued.

It was not until Val grad

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