Tyler Saint
Tyler Saint
Tyler Saint
  • Adult Superstar Tyler Saint here with husband Ace Banner.

    We are a married couple sharing life from a hay field in Mississippi. I am an award winning star with an international reputation. This is our life in photos and videos. Its a mix of professional shots, behind the scenes views, and everyday updates from wherever we are.

    We live in a small Southern town now. Our social life is active locally, but we also like to get out of town as often as possible and breathe a little different air. OnlyFans lets me be able to connect with folks around the world who are interested in what I do and how I live. We both have day-jobs that keep us busy. I work as a manager in a retail-type environment and the husband travels professionally in a sales capacity.

    We met online many years ago and just kept in touch. Both were fans of each other and didnt realize how much until we actually met one day for lunch in 2013. Weve never been apart since. We married in 2015, hav
  • Tupelo, MS

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