Joan Pope
  • Joan Pope is the creator of Sex-Death-Rebirth, a religious movement for the new world. She is the Goddess Who Serves, and is immersed in utter devotion to her ministry, an audio-visual feast of Sexuality and the Sacred bound inextricably to light, colour and sound. Sex-Death-Rebirth is an emanation of pure desire and her work is always an act of worship; each prayer she sends is a sign and a sigil of humming flesh and communion. This project is a hypnotic barrage of imagery, word, and sound which brings together many ancient ideas through the modern streams of social media and forces you to bear witness.

    Joan is self-taught as an artist and musician and holds a degree in Philosophy and Religious Studies, with a particular interest in comparative myth and religion. She is inspired by a group of writers who were living in interwar Paris who had their own sex-death cult; this project acts as a final reincarnation, a carnal toast to the Ancient Gods. She feels lost in t
  • NYC

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