Mistress Angelica
Mistress Angelica
Mistress Angelica
  • I am a true Dominatrix. I own and run My own studio and have many subs and slaves at My beck and call.

    I Domme because I have a need to dominate. It is a need that courses through My veins everyday, a need that cannot be ignored.

    My style, My persona, My way of Dominating is unique, as is every good Dommes. I am going to explain, in My own words, My own uniqueness as a Dominatrix.

    I consider myself a sensual and sensuous Professional Dominatrix. I am 42 years of age. My sessions are carried out in a calm and controlled manner. I am not overtly sadistic however, be under no illusions, I am always in complete control and I do have a playful, wicked and, at times, cruel side which can be unleashed. I am equally proficient and magnificent in carrying out a severe session of corporal punishment as I am in frustrating a cock to the point of explosion during a tie and tease session. I am very able to lull you into a false sense of security, once relaxed you are vul
  • United Kingdom

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