I am MISTRESS AMANDA, a demanding and seductive, yet very strict real life Mistress!

I am a psychological Seductress and a Master manipulator. The psyche of the mind is my speciality. Brace yourself, i am going to mindfuck you and you will thank me for that!

I am inquisitive and i find the mind a wonderous thing wich invites so many ideas to come and play.

I do not have a certain style as i can only be myself. As a Dominatrix, you cannot act, but just be.

Dominance is a natural part of my personality wich radiates from within me and is exerted with a beautiful force.

I enjoy intelligent converstions about unusual and dark fetishes. You will share things with me you never thought possible. You will be frightened, thrilled, anxious and obsessed by the new you I create!

My expectations are very high, strive to meet them and you'll begin to rise to a level that may allow your lips to gaze the soles of my feet!

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