Hi all you gorgeous people

My name is Amanda you may call me Madam or Mummy, I have lived for FETISH ADULT BABIES & SISSIES for 20 YEARS! My Nannies Mistresses and I love all things PERVERSE.

Due to the new rules regarding Internet Morality we have been forced to bring our content to the only Fans website. We make Videos, Picture Scenarios, Fabulously Filthy Audio Scenarios and EVERYTHING we post is REAL filmed in REAL SESSIONS with REAL PEOPLE we can be COARSE RAW and EXTREME but one thing I can guarantee you is we are REAL & LOVE our Clients and we are 100% GENUINE!....So remember we're real and we're waiting for you. Now I want you get your COCK out and WANK! www.adultbabynursery.co.uk

When you join our only fans we will be offering

Free on line training in the form of a weekly one hour TV, Sissy, Maid training group via Mummy and Nannies personal kick account Chastity Anal etc.

You will be set tasks etc

And those who want to may join in with Mummy's monthly cycle which means when I have a period so do you !

Babies will also be given their own a one hour nursery group kik session every week and be dealt with as there baby needs dictate! Nappy checks chastity Anal traing...

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