Hi, how can we help you?

Who can see my account?

Only those who are paying your subscription. The media contained within your posts is fully hidden until the point of purchase, at which point the subscriber can view all of your content. As with uploading content to any other social media application, we would ask that you comply with our Terms of Service.

How can I promote my account?

You can promote your account by posting as often as you can, especially with a new profile page. People will more likely subscribe if they see lots of posts with content. Place your OnlyFans profile link in "About Me" fields of your social media profiles. And of course you can share some of your posts via Twitter or advertise your OnlyFans page in your other social media channels every once in a while. We don't do promotions at this time, so we can't manually point out any user. Although you can attract your fans by filling the proper keywords at the Advanced Settings page. This way your profile will be displayed in Recommended for You section for right users.

Is it allowed to have multiple active profiles?

Its prohibited to have multiple active profiles by one person. Although its possible for a couple to have their mutual bank account connected to their OnlyFans profiles. 

Can I link OnlyFans to my other social media?

Absolutely. In fact we would encourage it. At the moment OnlyFans is compatible with Twitter, but we are already working on making your account compatible with other major social media applications.

Are there any certain restrictions for posts?

You can include up to 20 pictures or one video in each post. There is a video file size limit of 3Gb per piece and images should be less than 6000x6000 pixels. Our website supports main video formats, such as mp4, mov, avi and mpeg4. Others can be uploaded of course (like WMV files or those that were downloaded from other social networks), though we can not guarantee that such file formats will work perfectly, just as all others from the supported ones.

How do I send a paid private message?

Click on the Message button at your subscriber's page and you will see the New Message pop-up window. Or open any existing dialog in your Messages. There are now 2 buttons on the left from the message field. Click one to upload media and then another one to set a price. Your fans will be charged automatically upon confirming that they are willing to pay and view media in your message. Check our short video guide on sending paid private messages. 

Can I delete or edit a post?

You can click the three-dot button at the bottom right side of your post to see the available actions. 

Is it possible to hide my profile from certain IP addresses or countries?

Yes, and its also possible to select ranges of IP addresses that will not be able to view your profile page. You can configure these and other features at the Advanced Settings page. 

Why can't I send free trial access days to some of my fans?

It is only possible to send free trials to your expired fans or other users who haven't subscribed to your profile yet. Its not possible to prolong a subscription period of your currently subscribed active fans. Another reason might be that the user hasn't accepted your previous free trial yet. 

I found my content posted elsewhere, what actions must be taken in such case?

You should contact our representative at dmca@onlyfans.com and they will properly assist you with this specific issue. 

What benefits come with subscribing?

Apart from having exclusive access to all the private content being posted by that OnlyFans user, you also have the benefit of being able to communicate with them directly via our 'Direct Message' interface! Furthermore, with lots of great new features coming soon, following an OnlyFans profile will bring you closer than ever to that person.

How can users search for other accounts?

There is a search bar on top of your Home page but it temporary works in a Desktop webpage mode only while our developers are implementing it for the mobile version. You can search accounts by user names or hashtags. There is a limited number of results shown because users get full access to search results after their first successful subscription payment.

How do I subscribe to another profile?

It's really simple. First you add your payment card, then you click the 'Follow' button on any profile you wish to subscribe. Hitting the 'Follow' button will instantly unlock the media within the profile and allow you to peruse back all previous posts and wait for new posts to hit your timeline! And if you're not happy with the content being posted, you can unsubscribe from that profile at any time, ensuring you will not be charged at the end of the billing cycle (30 days after initial subscription).

What type of cards are supported?

At this time you can only use Visa and MasterCard credit or debit cards for subscribing, they are accepted worldwide. Pre-paid/gift or other card types/issuers are not supported. 

What information will be displayed on my card statement and for other users?

Users can see only what you display at your public profile. Name, username, avatar and cover pictures will be visible along with counters that you configure at the Advanced Settings page. And your card statement will only show that the payment was made to OnlyFans.com merchant without any other details. 

How do I get charged?

Initially there will be a one-time $0.10 charge to your card in order to verify it's validity and that amount is being returned back to your card automatically after your card is added. All further payments are made via card through the website at the point of subscription and every 30 days recurring, until you unsubscribe from that profile. We use a secure third party payment provider and we can never view the card details as your payment information is not stored at OnlyFans in any way. It is stored with our merchant that is fully PCI Level 1 compliant. Of course, private data is held as an authorized token codes (and not actual numbers of credit cards for example). Our service has over million accounts with some very high profile influencers among them and we can ensure you that our platform is properly secured and all the private information is entirely confidential. 

What is 3D Secure in online transactions?

We have recently implemented 3D secure checkout to add an extra layer of security, basically it adds an authentication step for online payments, that’s why it’s needed to re-add your card one more time. We use this feature as a fraud prevention measure, as it provides an additional security layer for online purchases made with credit and debit cards. When you make a purchase online, you not only enter your card info and CVV code, but the bank sends you a message to your phone with temporary code to confirm your purchase. It's a way to connect your cell phone to the bank card, so the bank can make sure you are the card holder at the point of transaction. It's a very useful feature because no unauthorized purchases can be made with your card even in case it gets stolen. If you have not yet enrolled for a MasterCard SecureCode or 3D Verified by Visa, go ahead and give them a call asking to set up a 3D Security on your card. You can call the number you usually dial to talk with bank rep about questions on your account and just ask if it's possible to set up a 3D verification on your card. Cards that don't support this feature might fail subscription attempts. Once you enable it, you want to add your card to the account once again by clicking the Change button at your Add a Card page.

What should I do if I can't subscribe?

Make sure you confirmed your email address upon registration. Other than that, there can be various reasons why this might happen, but the main one is that the card was added incorrectly. There might appear a message that the attempt was considered fraudulent. It is another standard warning from your bank that the information may not be entered correctly. In some cases you have to enter your State in full and not with abbreviation. Another reason why the card may be declined and that particular message being shown also may be that you use private browsing mode or a VPN service that hides your real IP address, so your bank verification system has a reason to believe that someone else may be using your card information. Try to add your card and subscribe using regular internet connection. No worries, the connection is secure and things should work properly the usual way. 

I'm having troubles paying through Epoch merchant. How can I fix it?

For inquiries regarding making payments through Epoch payment system please contact their Billing Support: https://epoch.com/billing_support/contact 

My subscription doesn't work after few days. How do I log in?

You are probably checking your second account that might have been created with Twitter or another email address. If you are logged in but do not have access to your subscriptions media, you need to login into another account. Click the account icon on the top right of the webpage. Then choose the last option, Log out and you will see the Log-In form. Then click the Log In button under the registration fields and use your originally used email address to log in. Also use the Forgot Password form if necessary. 

How to cancel a subscription?
You can cancel your subscription at any time, which will allow you to access the user's profile until the end of the existing billing period, where you will lose access to the content and will not be re-billed. Navigate to your Following page to disable auto-renew feature for any subscription and you will not be charged for it until you re-subscribe or re-enable it.
Why I've canceled my subscription but I'm still being charged?

This usually means that you already have another account that was created using Twitter or a misspelled email address. Please send our support team a message with your Twitter username, your legal name, date, time and amount of the unwanted charge. Also include the last 4 digits of the credit card so we could trace the transaction and provide you with access to the account it was applied to. 

Can I Delete My Account?

You can delete your account at your Advanced Settings page by clicking the Delete Account button. Ensure that you do not have paid subscriptions to your account as the feature will only be available once that condition is met. Any active subscription will be destroyed and can never renew automatically again after your account is deleted. 

Can I use OnlyFans from my country?

You can add a bank account to your OnlyFans account (and therefore set a monthly subscription price) if you are located in the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and most European Union countries. Recently we have integrated ePayments for payouts which added support to even more countries. 

What type of photo ID is needed for verification?

You need to upload your passport or drivers license photo at the Banking page in order to start earning. This must be a photo or a scan copy of your ID document (preferably passport) with all the information clearly visible for verification. The image may not be edited or resized, but must display the document in full size with minimum background captured. Try to avoid capturing glances or other optical effects that may cover the data. Once you select a file to upload there will be no action, so just click Save Changes button and wait for up to a minute to upload the photo. US residents are required to upload a filled W9 form as well. Use this service to sign your empty form as it will require a hand-written signature. 

What percentage do I make on sales?

We pay you 80% commission on all subscriptions and tips. The 20% fee we charge is to cover the payment processing, hosting and all other associated costs with running the OnlyFans website.

How much can I charge?

The minimum amount you can currently charge on for subscriptions is $4.99 per month. There is no maximum amount on subscriptions. The minimum amount of paid private messages or tips is $5.00. Your earning forecast really depends on the quality and quantity of the content you upload. Obviously the more you post, the more incentive there is for your fans to subscribe (and remain subscribed) to your profile. 

How do I earn with OnlyFans?

Your account is being assigned a payout system depending on your location. Nowadays we work with few great merchants that allow us to configure your account in the most efficient way. Add your bank account or a verified ePayments wallet, make sure that your account is verified and you've set the subscription price in Settings. In some cases setting the price may not be available until your account is verified. Depending on the merchant that system chooses, your payout requests will be displayed in a list at the Add a Bank page; or at the Statements pages where your Pending Balance holds all your earnings for a week until they are able to be withdrawn. 

How often do I get paid?

All withdrawal requests and bank payouts are being processed within 5 business days after they were proceeded as it depends on user's bank. We try to proceed with processing of your request as soon as possible and usually its not more than a couple of days. 

What should I do if my fans say they can't subscribe or send tips?

Our development team is constantly integrating new payout options and depending on the region you may need to re-add your bank account in the Banking page. Always advise your fans to contact us with screenshots in similar situations if you are sure that your Banking info is filled and verified properly. We must look into their cases when the website works not the way your fans expect because such things usually happen not because of your account, but because of their conditions.

Where should I find a Transit Number for Canadian transfers?

Canadian routing numbers contain a zero (called the "leading zero"), a three-digit financial institution number and a five-digit Transit Number. For example, if Bank's routing number is 023011742, the institution number is 230, and the transit number is 11742

How does it work?

It's really simple. You earn 5% (LIFETIME) of all income made by any user that joins OnlyFans.com via your referral URL.

How do I get paid?

Referral income is processed on the 1st day of the calendar month and, as with all other payouts, are processed in 2-7 days (depending on your bank account/country) and paid directly into your bank account. In the event your monthly income does not exceed the minimum payout ($10.00 US dollars) then your income rolls over to the next month.

How do I start?

Simply click the 'My Referrals' tab on your dropdown menu, which will navigate you to your Referrals page. This page contains your own unique referral URL. You can either send this URL out to your friends manually or (if you have a Twitter account connected) you can click the 'Tweet Referral URL' button, which will automatically send out a tweet to all of your followers containing your referral URL and a short promotional video, explaining to the viewer why they should sign up to OnlyFans.

Can users change the account that referred them?

It is not possible to change referral record in your profile. 

Why can't I login to my account?

If you are unable to login to your account, please ensure that you have entered the correct email address and password or if you registered via a Twitter account, make sure that your PC or mobile browser is currently logged in to the correct Twitter account before trying again. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it by clicking the 'Forgot Password' link. Also please ensure that you have not mistakingly created a second account. This could be done by first registering with a Twitter account and then mistakingly logging in with an email address that has not yet been added to the first account; or by first registering with an email account and then mistakingly logging in with a Twitter account that has not yet been connected. Both cases cause creation of a second user account in our system. 

I can't login with the correct email and password. What should I do?

Using VPN services may increase the chance of your account being automatically flagged as suspicious. If you are still unable to login to your account and did not use VPN services when registering, please contact our support team at support@onlyfans.com and we will investigate your issue. Our representative will be able to provide you with access if your account has been mistakingly flagged and there has been no breach of our Terms of Service on your current, or on any other accounts created by you before.