Hey guys. This is where u can see full vids of behind the scenes and private vids. I will be updating every few days or as i get new stuff. Please tip the vids you like the most. The more money that comes in the more vids that will be posted. I'll be sure to send a personal thank you as well!!!

sorry this has taken so long, this site has been very slow

I have new page that will be active starting MAY 7th

private vids will only be sold there

with this site I have to up load them one at a time for each person

on my new page you can buy them without having to message me

there will also be quite a few new private vids as well I am up loading now

you will also have a store of mine with old socks, shoes and other "what nots" that people have asked for

search capability

SUPER fast speeds

travel schedule

and a completely different lay out and platform th

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