Queen Of Wolves
Queen Of Wolves
Queen Of Wolves
  • English born, well spoken Mistress from London, UK. Alpha Female, Natural Leader and Professionally trained in the art of Dominant Power Exchange and BDSM.

    "Mistress Aleera has the experience, the patience, the creative mind, she has everything that you have been looking for.... Known as The Queen of Wolves, she has been involved in teh fetish scene since 2012 in various forms including Dominatrix, Model and fetish photographer. She is an expert at needle play, electrics, corporal punishment and bondage, and is very approachable."

    Kneeling at my feet will feel so natural and easy for you. You will want to please me, and you won't even understand why. It is in My nature to be kind and gentle, but also I am the most powerful and relentless creature you will ever know.
  • London, England

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