Mistress Alana
  • It is a rare occasion a woman of My caliber comes along. I am lustful, demanding, intelligent and always in control. At an early age I knew men would surrender all control just to be near Me. I realized a certain "type" of man would fall at my feet to do and give just about anything to please Me, and to stay in my good grace. Taking advantage of My gifts of beauty and raw sensual power, I used these men for My own personal gain. I have the power to make men submit to Me and do My bidding. I am the kind of woman who will have you giving Me your hard earned money just to allow you to lick the soles of My stilettos...if you're lucky. My subtlety and confidence allows experienced submissive men to recognize and appreciate the qualities of My true dominant power. Just being in My presence will have you wanting more, teasing you into submission. My beautiful long blonde hair and gorgeous eyes will hypnotize you. Submission to Me is the only option...
  • NYC / Long Island

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