As a lifelong California girl I have reaped the benefits of sun, sand, and a very liberal environment. After becoming a nude dancer as a teenager in Los Angeles I spent decades in the exotic dance profession while also posing for nudie magazines (remember those?) and performing in adult videos. Still fitness conscious and still an exhibitionist I now spend most of my time wrestling, doing a little bondage, and producing videos. Please join me on my erotic journey - along with stunning archives of material I also have exciting new adventures each and every month!

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I just want to post a quick note that I have not visited my mailbox since early December. Since 1995 I have received mail at the same family-run establishment even though I haven't lived anywhere near that vicinity in years. Probably I should relocate my mailbox but I can never bring myself to do it. However, I may get an earful from the proprietress when I get to Venice this coming week because evidently quite a few packages have accumulated since Christmas. Many thanks to those generous souls who thought of me over the holidays. I really look forward to receiving your cards and gifts.

Hopefully Mistress Jewell will allow me to leave the house soon ;)

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