As a lifelong California girl I have reaped the benefits of sun, sand, and a very liberal environment. After becoming a nude dancer as a teenager in Los Angeles I spent decades in the exotic dance profession while also posing for nudie magazines (remember those?) and performing in adult videos. Still fitness conscious and still an exhibitionist I now spend most of my time wrestling, doing a little bondage, and producing videos. Please join me on my erotic journey - along with stunning archives of material I also have exciting new adventures each and every month!

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It's been a long time since I felt this way and laughed this way. Not intending to register a complaint.. mainly just offering up a bit of commentary on this past decade which has seemed almost unfathomable. Do think better times are here, maybe just because I've adjusted to new circumstances (cutting lots of dead weight out of my life) or possibly because times really are a-changing again. XOXO
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