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The Del Morgado Show - UNLEASHED - Dec 22 2017 - Ep 01 - Last Jedi Review Rant

Welcome to my first episode of
The Del Morgado Show - UNLEASHED
Episode 01

I am only using You Tube to upload this video but this is EXCLUSIVE to OnlyFans & Patreon.
I will be making these videos from now on as a bonus to my radio show.

The Del Morgado Show
Every Other Monday @9pm

There are a lot of things I will not bring up on my show.
This gives me the opportunity to talk about random things and not have any interruptions.
I will have guests eventually and hopefully get emails and calls.
I will make this better as time goes on.
This is only the beginning.

So, here's my review of Episode VIII The Last Jedi.
Actually I go off on a rant.
You'll see why I call the show UNLEASHED after watching this.

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