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Hotel Room Intruder – Taught A Deelightful Lesson.

Slave David was caught rummaging through my underwear in my hotel room, so he felt my wrath. The stupid sissy pervert was made to dress in the clothing I caught him sniffing, before I made him my pathetic little pink slut.

Yes indeed, I caught a pathetic little pervert rummaging around my hotel room. I do not take kindly to men going through my underwear. Unfortunately for him, he picked the wrong room to intrude on. I decided that if he felt he had the right to go through ladies underwear, then he should be forced to wear it himself. I ordered him to get dressed then to kneel at my feet whilst I branded him as my SLUT!

The silly sissy was restrained and spanked whilst clenching his little red cheeks together to hold his butt plug in place. I squeezed his balls hard whilst he begged me not to, though his whimpering was so pathetic I’m pretty sure he actually enjoyed himself.

What use is a pathetic little pervert if he can’t satisfy a woman? I decided I would use him for my own pleasure for a while, so after making him suck my Deelightful huge black strap-on cock, I made him lie still on the bed whilst I sat on his face, fucking his tongue until I came all down his throat.

After squeezing his balls a bit more, I barely had to touch his cock before he was begging me to let him cum.

I hope this has taught you a lesson, you cock sucking, sissy slut.

Just look how ridiculous he looks! The pathetic excuse for a pervert couldn’t even get the stockings on right!

This along with the spanking I game him, along with my punishment of making him suck my black cock, ought to teach him NEVER to break into ladies hotel rooms, again.

I Hope you have learned your lesson David?! Probably NOT!
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