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OK guys :( I had some stuff I wanted to post but I am honestly not feeling up to it. I just found out that one of my "fans" on here is taking all my content and putting it on another forum. Not only is it a free forum but this person gets advertisement money when people watch MY CONTENT. I am so utterly hurt right now. I feel like I have been violated and taken advantage of. I understand the beast that is the internet and video (especially good ones) will get posted other places. I have seen my stuff out there and I get it, it's inevitable. But someone just recently categorically went through my onlyfans and took every piece of content I have ever posted and put it up on a free forum and is now making advertising revenue off me. I have filed copywrite claims but we all know how that pans out.

The guy goes by the name Simioni and he has done the same thing to many other girls. Including Abigail mac, megan rain, honey gold, Aletta ocean, and a whole bunch more.

Mr. Simioni if you read this I can only ask that you take all of our content down. I am sure you are not doing this out of malice and your just getting your rocks off (literally). Please do the right thing and help us hard working models continue to love our jobs. It is the stress and disappointment with things like this that really just ruin all our fun and games.

Sincerely a sad and disappointed...
Adriana Chechik