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IBIZA & LONDON based photographer specialising in male physique photography. This will be a place to showcase uncensored content from more than ten years of working in this industry. From polished final images to more candid behind the scenes pics and video.

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ONLY FANS REVIEW Here you go guys, it took a bit of time and effort to get it looking how I wanted. There are currently about 60 reviews. For now the plan is to give access to these reviews only to you. I do not see the point of creating a review site promoting other pages with no benefit to me, so at least this creates some added value for my "fans". I created it mainly out of frustration at seeing so much false advertising out there. I like to think I run a very honest page. Even in the captions which non followers can read, I will say full frontal if the picture is full frontal. I will not put some vague misleading caption. I also explain in my bio section what people can expect.

But these reviews are not to be taken as definitive, and so If you disagree with any you need to let me know so I can fix and update the scoring. But then please contact me with your ratings using the same guidelines so i can average out the scores. Do not just message me saying the score should be lower, or higher, I need numbers.

Here is the link: ONLYFANS REVIEWS

NOTE: I will be posting only reviews for model pages and not other photographers