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Feel the Darkness MP3

This is a throwback MP3 of Mine and is in My opinion one of the best I've ever created. In it I summon the powers of the four quarters and the powers of the underworld to empower the audio spell.

Preview of the lyrics:

I’m calling upon the powers of the four quarters

arise and serve Me now

(lose all control)

I’m calling upon the powers of the underworld

(let go of everything)

assist in My demonic witchcraft

(feel My power)

I'm taking over now, I'm taking all control (feel it take control every ounce of your being.)

Through the underworld to the earth that you walk upon. (I'm taking over now)

I. OWN. YOU. (I'm taking control over your thoughts)

And I tell you exactly how to live.

You live to serve Me (I am your GOD)

You live to please Me (No other GOD exists before Me)

You are My bitch now.


You are MY fucking slave.

#FemdomWitchcraft #Findom #BlackMagick #HighPriestess #Sorceress #Demoness #Occultrix #Spellcasting