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IBIZA & LONDON based photographer specialising in male physique photography. This will be a place to showcase uncensored content from more than ten years of working in this industry. From polished final images to more candid behind the scenes pics and video.

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FAN REQUESTS: Here is a list of models that have been requested and I will post eventually, but please do not rush me. They will be in the coming weeks or months, most (but not all) frontal: Piergiorgio, Damian, Cheyenne, Piotr, Ashley, Bruno, Kris, Jerome, Jess, Vince, Drake, Kevin, Alan V, Andrew, Adam VR, Eric & Morne, Rick F, Trey, Anthony, Nicola, Dino, Brandon PW, Matt V, Marshall, Scott, David, Jonathan B, Alfie, Cortland, Julian, Facu, John S. (I will cross out here as requests are posted)