I have an award winning asshole

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FLASHBACK FRIDAY FILES: So here it is.. the first time I ever masturbated in front of a camera. I was working in Florida on the Bubba The Lovesponge Show, and they knew my thirst for being displayed on film... so we created a site called AkiraNYC.com, my first baby-slut-step into porn. (This was back before I was using my real name, and I was going by the name "Akira.") These were taken at Bubba's house, at his pool. I had no idea what I was doing, but as soon as the camera got rolling, I just started masturbating as I usually did, but something about being filmed was a turn-on in the way I'd never felt before... These photos really capture my life changing right then and there. I love so much that I found these and I can share them with you!