I’ve always been interested in 35mm and it’s actually what I started on back in school when I was around 15. Though, despite a few attempts, never really got into any sort of regular work flow and ended up using digital out of convenience.

Anyway, fast forward 17 years and I’m about to go on a road trip around California and I was after something more compact than a 35mm SLR to take with me to document it as I’ve only allocated myself carry on luggage and I’m taking my Fuji with my too. Fortunately, I’ve just been gifted a Halina Vision Mini-MZ point and shoot camera (thanks Emma!) with a roll of agfa 200, so I shot some pretty dumb photos of my friend JAZZebell_ last week to kick things off and to see if the camera worked properly.

I’ve just had the roll processed today and I’m actually happy with them. So here’s a few for now. More to follow!

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